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Hacktivist Development Video
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A group project with a short production timeline, worked on with 2 other Designers. I specialized in System & Level Design, whilst jointly working on narrative and storyline.

3D, First Person, Narrative Walking Sim

Hacktivist Concept

Following a hacker who has copied a version of his consciousness into a corrupt super corporations mainframe. This dystopian future sees a tense personal mission go sideways when that consciousness is caught and has its memories wiped, (enter player). Having no idea of where they are or what is going on the player must then work their way through multiple levels of story-driven content to slowly uncover both the truth of who they are and what the corporation has been up to, only to experience a bombshell climax at the last minute.

My Role: Systems & Level Design 

My main contribution to this project was to create a functional Dialogue System that would allow players to take dialogue choices, similar to what you might see in the Mass Effect series. The system also had to contain functionality to trigger events during dialogue based on decisions the player makes or level progression. Secondly, I created the office level, which served as a climax to the game, and planned/animated all cutscenes. 

Implementing choices into the dialogue system proved challenging at first, I wanted to create a modular system that could be set up for each scenario without the need for hardcoding. My solution was to create the choice system separately without integrating it directly to dialogue, this allowed it to then be called upon by any dialogue trigger and have choices/outcomes passed into it ready to present to the player. I adopted a similar approach for the event system. 

The second issue I had to overcome with this system was gating the player throughout levels so that they would not skip or cut off dialogue, missing important parts of information. To this end, made us of doors and other choke points within the levels levels. Stopping the player from progressing if they were yet to make a choice that was presented to them in that area, this helped dialogue flow as intended throughout the level without us having to freeze them every time a choice was presented. We also had to test the length of levels against the duration of dialogue and find a balance between the two so that the player was not left waiting to move on or always cutting unfinished dialogue off when entering new triggers. 

Click "See the Design" for a breakdown of the project.

Key Skills

  • System Design (Dialogue and Choice)

  • Animation (Cinematics/Cutscenes)

  • Cinematic/Cutscene Design 

  • Level Design (Office Level)

  • Narrative Design 

  • Dialogue Writing 

  • Voice Acting

  • C# 

  • Teamwork and Communiciation

Additional Contributions

  • Object Pooling system for spawning Virus' in the dungeon scene

  • Bug Fixing/Testing

  • Voicing the Protagonist (Player Character)

  • Writing Dialouge (Group Effort) 

  • Animating Cutscenes and Creating the The Boss Characters Talking and Movement Effects

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