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Welcome to my portfolio website, a platform for you to see my work and what makes me tick. You will see both my personal and industry projects, where I currently work as Quality Assurance Lead.

Industry Projects (QA)

About Me

Trasnsferable Skills:


  • Planning

  • Task delegation 

  • Progress reports

  • Onboarding

  • Interdepartmental communication

QA Testing

  • ​Blackbox

  • Integration

  • Performance 

  • End to End

  • Regression

  • System

  • Smoke


  • ​Level 

  • Puzzle 

  • Narrative 

  • Combat 

  • AI 

  • UI 

  • Cinematic 

Software Experience: 

Game Engines

  • ​Unity Game Engine (C#)

  • Unreal Engine (Blueprint)

Art Software

  • Autodesk 3D Max

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Development Experience:


  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Switch 

  • Trello

  • Jira

  • Confluence

  • Testrail

  • Excel/Google Sheets

  • Github

Work Photo_edited.png

Hi there, thanks for coming to my site!

I am an eager-to-learn individual with Design and QA experience. Working in teams big and small, I have followed both personal and professional projects from pre-production through to release. Furthermore, working on and maintaining live titles, through patches and hotfixes.

Currently, I am working as Quality Assurance Lead at Feral interactive, a game publisher specialising in; Mac, Linux, Mobile and Nintendo Switch porting, bringing back both timeless classics and some of the latest Windows releases for Mac and Linux. 

Continue onwards, if you'd like to know more... :) 

My day to day includes tasks such as: 

  • Creating testplans that cover the testing of a project against its deadline or milestones. 

  • Reporting on the progress of these plans to management, as well as meeting with other departments to discuss their work or any concerns. 

  • Maintaining project databases in Jira, assigning and adjusting ticket priority, as well as ensuring the correct process' are being followed. 

  • Managing the work of QA technicians assigned to thee projects I am responsible for, this includes:

    • Delegating work from the test plan.

    • Reviewing and giving feedback on this work and tickets created. 

    • Monitoring team KPIs in order to spot inefficiencies & recuring problems.  

    • Answering technical queries. 

    • Onboarding of new starters.

  • Alongside the above I also lead interview tests, sat by QA candidates before they interview.​​​

  • Finally I also take part in the manual testing of my own projects, as well as others being worked on by our department. 

I am very passionate about my work, bringing experience gained in my design bachelors to good use where possible. I have a passion for the user experience of the titles I work on, so place emphasis on making sure the systems and features implemented work well for the criteria they are expected to meet, not that they simply work without bugs!

If you got this far, thanks for reading! Please do contact me via Linkedin or email if you have any questions.

Contact Me:

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