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Joining as a QA Tester for 'The Isle'

Updated: Jun 23

So It's been just over two weeks since I joined the Isle's Volunteer QA team and so far it's been a blast. The opportunity to work with, learn from and contribute to a live live commercial products has been great experience so far and I look forward to developing in my role and helping the team further.

Whilst there is not too much I can show due to signing NDAs for the project though I can say I have been doing tasks such as:

  • Functionality testing

  • System testing

  • Ad hoc Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Case Report Writing and tracking on Git Labs

  • Community Case report replication and investigation.

  • Suggesting and working to improve matters of User Experience.

I have found my time so far very productive in a short space of time, whilst these is some down time at the moment whilst the team waits for a new build to be published my initial week and a half was filled with writing case reports, following the strategies seen above and trying to stay on top of the Community reports list.

I am definitely trying to make the most of this experience as I am also currently looking for full time roles as a QA tester and feel this is some great first hand experience to have under my belt.

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