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A humble beginning

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

HI! My Names Nathan and I'm graduating this year with a BA(Hons) in Video game design at Solent University. My passion for making games is based on a structured and creative mindset, that revels in the thought of designing and implementing fun mechanics and systems for players of all types to enjoy. I love the experience that comes from both playing and designing many genres of game, though my passion lays with games that allow people to make memories together, as friends or competitors.

My work thus far has made me feel quite general over my skills as a designer, though I have developed an enjoyment for designing gameplay mechanics and systems that players directly interact with. My goal is to pursue this in the industry and work as a gameplay designer alongside like-minded individuals and teams. I can't wait to get myself out there and work with some of the very best people the industry has to offer, producing games that will go down as greats.

This blog is an outlet for me to share my ongoing work in current projects, providing insights into my thought process and use of design techniques. Thanks for reading!

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