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Learning New Things

Since finishing Uni I have wanted to improve on some of the things I feel I am lacking in regards to technical and theoretical skills. To do this I have picked up some courses on Udemy.

The main areas I have wanted to focus on with these courses have been learning both the blueprint and c++ side of the unreal engine as well as getting stuck in with multiplayer in unity as it is something I have always wanted to do. Finally I have also picked up a theoretical course on Level design by Author Kevin Oxland.

I have began with the Unreal Engine blueprints course. So far I must say I am really enjoying it and am picking things up way quicker than I would have thought. I am 30% in so far and have created a small roller ball game. Next I will be workin on another varient in which the player compeltes a level full of obstacles with pickups and other items. Next I will be moving on to player controlled pawns and interactable items.

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