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My Experience Attending Games Jobs Live

Attending this event has been an extremely insightful experience for me. With the opportunity to listen to some of the south coasts leading studios such as Creative Assembly and Studio Gobo I was able to gather vital first-hand information on what is expected of upcoming graduates and ways that they can boost their chances of finding work.

The biggest takeaway for me was the expectation for how one should present their CV and portfolio content. Speaking to employees of both Studio Gobo and Creative Assembly I now understand the importance of targetting specific areas in folio projects to show a reviewer exactly how you think and what your solutions are. As one Studio Gobo employee put it, "An end product is a nice thing to see. But someone who reviewing it has no idea the process of how you got there or the skills needed to achieve that.". They also stressed how helpful linking your CV to your portfolio can be, showing where certain skills you say you have can be seen in your folio.

I will be updating my projects on this website in due course given this advice. Stay Tuned!

The other experience from the show was hearing about the scarcity of junior design roles. Whilst I already had some idea of this from browsing job forums, the talk brought home to me that the more realistic way in is to find a Trainee or Internship as they are put out in higher volume around this time of year.

Overall it was truly an eye-opening experience. I am extremely glad I went and will be looking out for future events to attend also.

Thanks for Reading!

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