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My Project 1: Initial Crafting and Inventory System

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The main tool for survival is the crafting system that can be used for creating weapons, tools, and medicines, to help the player make their way through the game world. Currently the core system is implemented and working as intended however I still need to add more of the in-game items and spice up the UI, this will be done later in production.

With a basic tier system (Wood, Stone, Iron) the player must gather materials from the environment then turn them into the items they will need. The basic resources are Twine, Wood, Stone and Metal Fragments, the first three of which are seen here, they can be combined to craft most weapons and tools.

Metal fragments (not yet implemented) can only be obtained through completing challenges or looting dead bodies and chests that are often guarded by zombies. This forces the player to fight if they want to progress to the better gear.

Finally, medicines can be crafted using natural plants found in the environment but also found in loot containers and from challenges.

Thanks for Reading! :)

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