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My Project 11: Ranged Challenge

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Another of the major challenges in the level, this area is designed to both give the player an entertaining objective, whilst also helping to train them on the throwing mechanics of the game.

The challenge has three stages, starting from left to right, with a new type of target introduced in each stage. There is a vat of target balls that can be collected so that the player need not craft endless items to throw, these items get destroyed on use and also do little damage to zombies so discourage the player from trying to overuse them.

Secondly, to stop a player from activating a challenge, and then running outside to hit targets from point-blank range, the hut's door becomes locked until they have either completed the challenge or reset it by pressing the button a second time. Completing all challenges, will like the other major challenges, unlock a chest filled with higher tier loot.

Finally, to keep with the theme of the arena already being attempted by previous competitors, a dead body is placed at the window of the first challenge, and two of its targets have already been knocked down. This can be better seen in the video

Thanks for reading!

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