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My Project 15: Tutorial Scene

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Throughout development, I began to realise that there were several systems and features that players would not be able to just pick up and play. For this reason, I decided to create a tutorial scene.

Starting Corridor:

Where the player is first introduced to the game, the guide makes remarks about how they are one of many competitors competing in a competition and then prompts them to make their way down the corridor, producing a tooltip teaching the movement mechanics.

Melee Room:

Where the player is taught about picking up items and equipping them. Upon entering the room, they are asked to pick up a spear on the floor and then use it to attack the target dummy. Completing this they are then taught how to block.

Ranged Room:

In this room the player learns about the ability to throw items, they are given a tooltip explaining how to switch to ranged mode and then must pickup some target balls to knock two targets down. Regardless of whether the player hits the targets or not they can still proceed as the point is for them to learn how to access and use the mechanic.

Item Room:

The final room of the tutorial is the item room, where the player learns about the basic resources and have an opportunity to interact with the two lootable inventory types they will interact with in the map. They can if they choose take the resources in the two inventories and craft some items, however everything is taken away from them at the end of the tutorial.

Ending Corridor:

This last corridor preps the player for the entrance into the main scene, they can walk towards the entrance pipe as the screen fades out and their transition begins.

Future Developments:

As it stands I am not completely happy with the tutorial, I think it could do better to explain to the player what their objectives in the level are, and a more in-depth account of the narrative surrounding the game. I feel currently this is a sore point for the game so will aim to rectify it in future development.

Thanks for Reading!

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