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My Project 19: Cutscenes

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

To better guide the player and make them aware of the change in objectives, I have implemented two cutscenes that show give some information on the change in circumstances through a narrator, and show the respective shields closing. Originally these cutscenes had no dialogue over them though I felt this made them feel very empty with no real explanation.

Cutscene 1:

This cutscene plays once the player has completed the three main challenges in the game, it represents a transition to the final stages of the game and hints to the player that the boss can only be harmed with metal items through the line "Sticks and Stones won't break his bones".

Cutscene 2:

Playing once the player has killed the Iron Golem this cutscene serves to tell the player that they have one and shows them that they can now exit level, it does not force the game to end however as players may still want to roam around the arena and finish some minor challanges they may not have tackled until this point.

In future I would like to potentially add more short cutscenes to the game or atleast some more dialogue based on certain actions that the player takes. At current the biggest flaw I see in the game is the lack of narrative guidance or reasoning for the players position in the world. I would like to improve this with later development.

Thanks for Reading!

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