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My Project 20: UI Update

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Recently I have given the inventory UI a small update as I felt it just looked out of place. Whilst the changes I have made are fairly simple I feel they help to improve the professional feeling of the game.

Font: the first change I made was to find a custom font for the game, for this, I used a website called DaFont which has a great variety to choose from. I believe that the arena has turned out to look very imperial or Roman, therefore I looked for Roman/Greek style fonts to use. It was at this point that I also decided to change the Projects name from Nexus games to Imperium Games, as the word Nexus seemed far more futuristic like something out of the Tron Universe. Whereas, the word Imperium has very close ties with Roman culture whilst still sounding modern. Therefore it seemed the natural fit.

I found a great font called Agustus which conveys an imperial theme whilst also being legible and simple. Pairing this with Unity’s Text mesh Pro feature I was able to create a much more impressive-looking text for the Inventory screen.

Colours: Taking inspiration from Rust I changed to a simple grayscale with reduced alpha, this was also partly because I did not feel like I had time to create or mess around with implementing custom made Inventory Artwork. The key goal of this project is functionality, therefore this is adequate for me for now. In the future, however, I would look to improve.

These changes have resulted in the following changes seen from first the second image.

Thanks for Reading!

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