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My Project 21: Quick Move and Auto Place

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Throughout testing I began to get fed up with looting bodies and having to individually drag items one by one into my inventory or hotbar, so I added a little feature that allows the player to quick move items using right mouse button. This makes looting much quicker and also allow the players to quickly grab things they might need if they are chased by Zombies.

The other quality of life improvement I have made is with picking up equipable items. Previously when picking up something like a spear or knife, having thrown it or taking it from a lootable body, it would be placed into the inventory. This meant that you would then have to either open the inventory, to move it to a hotbar slot or then drag it a second time after quick moving it. To improve this, I added a function that would automatically assign equipable picked up items to the players hotbar so that they can instantly equip it.

These two features can be observed in this video, enjoy!

In future I would like to make the quick move feature work within moves between the players inventory and hotbar, as currently it only works when moving items from lootable bodies into the inventory.

Thanks for Reading!

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