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My Project 22: Major Unity Build Error

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I have recently encountered a very frustrating issue within Unity's build system that prevents me from creating a built version of the game to send to testers. It has something to do with Unity's iL2CPP compiler that converts C# code into C++ which then becomes Binary.

After Looking at a number of forum posts detailing other peoples issues with this:

I attempted a number of fixes such as:

  • Downloading the most recent Microsoft SDKs

  • Reinstalling Unity Packages for Visual Studio

  • Installing extra packages for Visual Studio

  • Upgrading the unity projects editor version

  • installing new unity editor versions and reinstalling current ones

However, none of these fixes worked and I had this same problem. By this point, I had spent 2 and a half days on the issue with no progress and I was lost.

Fortunately for me, I found that unity has a second compiler called Mono, which is slightly older however let me build. I was back on track!!

After checking that there were no massive issues with Mono:

Which there didnt really seem to be. So I've cracked on ever since!

Thanks for reading!

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