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My Project 23: First Developer Playthroughs!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

It's finally gotten to the point where I can start attempting to play the game from start to finish, yay. And so now starts the gruelling task of trying to bug fix and iron out any major issues before I hand it out to external testers.

For testing I used a method called Adhoc testing, which is defined as a testing method with no pre-planning or documentation, where "a tester is free to test the system/application to execute any scenarios, what he thinks." Chhabra Neeraj. Using this method, I started multiple playthroughs, listing down all the Issues that occurred in each playthrough that needed fixing. This worked very well for me and I felt very productive in this period. The list that i had created by the end of testing contained the following.

Test 1:

Exiting Settings does not hide mouse.

Footsteps too quiet

Blocking sounds

Twine Item Id missing

Can punch door triggers

Sound is very quiet after changing scenes

Sharp rock breaks instantly on tree hit (durability check)

Navmesh need baking

Zombies bug when crouching

Zombie footsteps not working


Larger amount of lootable bodies

Item balancing

Painkiller still plays use sound when you cannot use it

Test 2:

Add Waterfall Smoke

Master Vol

Moving item from equipped slot does not unequip it

Outlines still bugged

Tool tip 0 in chat at ranged tutorial tooltip

Stones near entrance are floating

Test 3:

sharp rock attack cancel shite

crafting images

zombie footsteps

Test 4:

Trees not dying correctly.

Crafting requirement arrows don’t disappear.

Sensitivity randomly setting itself

Thrown items full durability refresh

Axe melee

drag and drop no item slot error

tree drop items all spawned.

Test 4:

Metal axe equip causes animation loop

Check chests lootable

target ball pickup outline

target ball not destroyed on zombie hit

Test 5:

Build Problems

Tutorial Lights dim

Cursor at tutorial start

Meshs Mouse sense

Last room remove "perhaps" from line 1

Outlines again ffs

Drag and drop quick move fix

Golem nav agent broken

Shield impact

Zombies not reacting to player

Test 6:

Swap from spear to spear

Target tutorial blocker

Sub behind menu screen

Ambient wind

Test 7:

Update Crafting Requirements

Whilst Spamming Throw Balls you can punch in between.

Stand on it lights up the rune.

After fixing all these problems I released the game to public testers which I will cover in an upcoming blog

Chhabra, M. N. (2012) ‘Introduction To Adhoc Testing’, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH, 1(7). Available at: (Accessed: 25 April 2021).

Thanks for reading!

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