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My Project 24: Resource Balancing

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

After publishing to some private testers, the biggest response was that resources and crafting recipes were wholly unbalanced. To rectify this, I lowered the number of resources needed to craft certain items, and increased Tool harvests amounts making each tool effectively level up, (stone hatchet now harvests the same as a metal hatchet) and so on.

Secondly, players found it too difficult to gather resources such as twine and metal fragments as they were only lootable from bodies and chests whilst also being dropped when destroying resource deposits and trees. I solved this issue by adding the two resources to trees and stone deposits respectively as a secondary resource, whereby the player has a chance to gain them each time they harvest. This greatly improved resource gathering and allowed players to easily craft basic items as was intended.

This process of balancing and changing these values has changed throughout testing and will continue to do so in future developments however I am happy with its current state.

Thanks for Reading!

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