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My project 25: Resource Gather Text & Item Tooltips

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

After further testing two big issues have been raised, firstly many players struggled to identify when they were successfully harvesting, as well as how much they were actually getting. To fix this I added text that would flash on the corner of the screen each time you successfully harvest a resource, it tells the player how much of the resource they harvested and the type of resource they got. It also shows any extra resources they might have gotten.

The second issue was that players had no idea what certain items were or what their intended use was, and asked for a tooltip that would show some basic information about the selected item. Implementing this was difficult at first because I wanted a system that would show the tooltip near the mouse, and check if it was correctly displayed on the screen and not off of it (moving it back on screen if it was). However, with the time I have left and the time this approach was taking I decided to switch to a singular position that would show item details instead. This can be seen in the video below.

Thanks for Reading!

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