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My Project 26: Games That Influenced This Project

Updated: May 6, 2021

I started this project due to having a great passion for survival games having played many games from the genre myself. These same games formed the backbone of the research that went into the project early on, for how I wanted certain systems like the Inventory, crafting, and combat to work.

Providing the backbone for my research into games of this genre and a personal favourite, Rust is a multiplayer title that puts players in a sandbox open world, allowing them to build bases and combat each other. It features challenge areas that provide high loot as well as a fully in-depth combat/crafting system.

Much of the UI and inventory elements are drawn with inspiration straight from rust as well as hands-on playtesting to balance and perfect the combat on this project.

Whilst not affecting development as heavily as Rust, these two projects played a big part in my Ui decisions relating to the inventory and crafting systems seen in-game. I took looked consulted their designs along with Rust, before drafting my first wire-frames. Some examples of which, see below.

After considering the above images, I eventually produced the following Concepts for my UI:

Thanks for Reading!

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