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My Project 3: Combat and Throwing

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Combat in the game is mainly used for fighting off the zombies that spawn periodically across the map and in certain challenges. It consists of key mechanics such as Attacking, Blocking, Parrying, and throwing. Which have all been implemented to a basic level thus far.

In the following video, you can see the use of these mechanics at current, against two zombies, the Ai of which I will detail in an upcoming post. All first-person animations other than the left and right punch are created by me using Autodesk Maya. At current they have mostly placed holder or in need of polishing, same for the hit effects and reactions of zombies.

Hitting enemies works within a window of each attack animation that a trigger on the object is set active, if it collides with an enemy it deals damage and spawns the appropriate effect. This is the same with the enemy’s attacks on the player.

Blocking works by holding the right mouse button and has a short parry window at the beginning of the animation that causes zombies to stagger backwards. Blocking will take durability off the equipped weapon and drain the player's stamina in later iterations.

Throwing weapons can be used to hit targets at range and work differently based on aerodynamic and non-aerodynamic objects such as spears and axes, the first flies true through the air and embeds in its target and the second bounces off, as seen below in the video.

Thanks for Reading!

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