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My Project 4: Zombie Ai

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Zombies are the main antagonist of the game, they are fairly docile however become enraged at the sight of the player, chasing and attacking them ferociously.

The ai runs on a Finite State machine Algorithm and works off of a sense system that allows them to both hear and see the player based on set circumstances. The green sphere, seen below, works as a trigger collider that the zombie uses to start sensing the player, if the player enters this area the ai will check if they are within their field of view and unobstructed. Seeing the player will cause them to transition straight into a combat state, seen in the video featured in "My project 3".

Upon hearing the player zombies will enter a seek state in which they will then go and explore the area that the player was in when they heard them, hearing is based on the player taking actions such as sprinting and walking at certain distances. Crouching is unheard of by AI.

Finally, agents feature a basic memory system that allows them to continue following the player for a short period even if they are out of view. This prevents them from seeming stupid, forgetting about the player as soon as they go around a corner.

Thanks for Reading!

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