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My Project 5: Lootable Inventories

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

A feature I am very happy about within the project is the lootable inventories that are scattered about the map. Their purpose is to give the player another source of resources and items to help them stay stocked and prepared. Furthermore, the server is a great form of environmental storytelling, representing the bodies of previous competitors who have died.

The inventories allow for a random assortment of items to be generated at runtime in order, based on whatever the developer has placed within the specific inventory and the chances/amount that has been presented. Items can also be generated with the exact loot amount entered, or a random range from 1 to the max.

Another variant of lootable inventory are chests, which serve as a greater reward than the common body, they are mostly surrounded by an increased number of zombies or slightly hidden from obvious sight, they serve as a second form of challenge to give the player more to do.

Integrating these systems with the existing inventory system proved difficult as they had to be integrated differently to the player's inventory yet still work alongside it seamlessly. This proved difficult and I encountered many bugs however eventually surpassed the problem.

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