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My Project 7: Parkour Challenge

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The first implementation of the main three challenges faced in the level, this area forces the player to use the created movement mechanics and climb their way up to the top of a central pillar, via the surroundings.

The design of the challenge promotes the maximum use of the space at hand, with pillars being used at multiple levels. To stop players from getting overly frustrated, I have added a checkpoint of sorts, in the form of a falling pillar, which can be seen in the video above. This allows any player who falls after this point to begin from a halfway point so that they may not need to restart each time they fall towards the end.

For the animation of the two moving pillars in the challenge, I found a great tool called "Itween": that allows for real-time object animation that is quicker and easier to set up than unity’s animation system. I aim to use this tool throughout the rest of my project to help maximise productivity and time.

Thanks for reading!

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